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We, passionate people of TRQL Radio, need your support to keep bringing you the best in music, commercial-free, anytime and anywhere. Please consider donating to us: even the smallest contribution helps us a lot. Thank you so much!


TRQL Radio has been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Yves Saintenoy, Patrick Tritz, Jean-Marc Simon, Patrice Vogt, Christelle Makowski, Bruno Liesse, Cédric Boens, Kamy Kamwanya, Chantal Boens Frissen, Stef De Turck, Bernard Rosenberg, Stéphane Christiaens, Stéphane Juseret, Martine Veckmans, Véronique Caprasse, and Cédric Le Dantec.

Many thanks also to Michel De Smet who is relentlessly looking for all the music files we need. Same thanks to Julien Voet who is digging into his music library to feed us with the music we love. Thanks wouldn't be completed if we were to forget Ronald who is unearthing some of his most precious treasures for us all.

Last but not least… special thanks to Pierre-François Wuille (MC PFW) for innovative and out-of-the-box ideas bringing TRQL Radio to the next level. Thanks, PF!

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