Le glossaire Quitus est réalisé sur base du glossaire IT de Vae Soli!. Ce glossaire est une ressource libre de droits faisant partie de notre framework web.

Glossaire Quitus
Terme Définition
(X)HTMLHTML (HyperText Markup Language) ou XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language)
3GLThird Generation Language (programming language)
4GLFourth Generation Language (descriptive language)
AAAuto Answer
AAAAnywhere, Anything, Anytime
AAAAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting
AABAll-to-All Broadcast
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
AALAsynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer
AAMAutomatic Acoustic Management
AAPApplications Access Point [DEC]
AARAndroid ARchive
AARPAppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
AASAll-to-All Scatter
AASPASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AATAverage Access Time
AATPAuthorized Academic Training Program
ABAPAdvanced Business Application Programming
ABENDAbnormal end
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABISTAutomatic Built-In Self-Test
ABLEAdaptive Battery Life Extender
ABLEAgent Building and Learning Environment
ABMAsynchronous Balanced Mode
ABRAvailable Bit Rate
ABRDAutomatic Baud Rate Detection
ABRSAutomated Book Request System
ABSAddress Book Synchronization
ABTSASCII Block Terminal Services
ACAutomatic Computer
ACAlternating Current
ACAPApplication Configuration Access Protocol
ACCAccommodation Cost Centre
ACCMAILAccessing the Internet Via Email
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAccess Control Design
ACDIAsynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACEAccess Control Encryption/Entry
ACEAdobe Certified Expert
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAdverse Channel Enhancements
ACEAutomatic Computing Engine
ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
ACLAccess Control list
ACMAAustralian Communications and Media Authority
ACPCApple Communication Protocol Card
ACUAccommodation Cost Unit
Application Delivery
ADCApplication Delivery Center
ADDMSAndroid Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
ADMApplication Delivery Management
ADOActiveX Data Objects
ADSLAsymmetric DSL
ADTAndroid Development Tools
ADTAutomated Double Tracking
AFAvoir Fiscal
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIApplication Integration
AIGApplication Installation Guide
AIPAutomatisation Intégrale des Paiements
AJAXAsynchrounous Javascript and XML : AJAX uses the nonstandard XMLHttpRequest() method to communicate with the server. It can send and receive information from the server in a variety of formats : XML, HTML, text files, etc.
AKAAlso Known As
ALAA List Apart
AMDBApplication Management Database
AMIAmazon Machine Image
AMIAnomalie, manquement, inadéquation
AMISAnomalies, manquements, inadéquations, suggestions
AMLAnti Money Laundering
AMSApplication Management Specification
ANIRAdvance Notice of Income and Redemption
APAApplication Performance Analysis
APCAnalytical Performance Cookies
APECAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APIApplication Programming Interface
APKAndroid PacKage
ARCIAccountability, Responsibility, Consulted, Informed
ARTAgile Release Train
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Application Programming Interface
ATDDAcceptance Test Driven Development
ATMAutomatic Teller Machine
ATMAutomatic Transfer Mode: often referred as "cell relay"
ATPAcceptance Test Plan
AUPAgile Unified Process
AVDAndroid Virtual Device
AWGAgile Working Group
AWSAmazon Web Services
AcActivities Performed (common feature)
BABusiness Analyst
BACBusiness Alignment Committee
BACBehavioral Advertising Cookies
BATNABest Alternative To a Negociated Agreement
BBABritish Banker's Association
BBCBetter Business Case
BCBusiness Case
BDMBusiness Development Management
BIABusiness Impact Analysis
BICBank Identifying Code
BISBring Into Service
BLOGAbbreviation for WeB LOg
BMBusiness Manager
BOMBill Of Material
BOMByte-Order Marks: Unicode data can use a BOM as a signature to specify the encoding that is being used.
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering
BRRBig Red Button
BSBritish Standard
BSIBritish Standards Institute
BTRBalance, Transactions & Reporting
BTRBusiness Test Requirements
BTSBehind the scene
BTWBy The Way
BUBusiness Unit
BVABusiness Value
BYODBring You Own Device
CABChange Advisory Board (see also CIB)
CAB/ECChange Advisory Board/Emergency Commitee
CADComputer Aided Design
CAMControls & Alerts Management
CAPEXCapital Expenditure
CAPTCHACompletely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
CARCausal Analysis and Resolution
CASEComputer Aided System Engineering
CASSCommon Application Security System.
CBTComputer Based Training
CCChange Control
CCAChange Control Authority
CCICommon Communication Interface
CCNCyclomatic Complexity Number
CCTACentral Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CDChange Document
CDBCapacity Management Database
CDMSCustody and Deposit Management System; the current settlement system of the Belgian CSD
CDNContent Delivery Network
CEOChief Executive Officer
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CFIAComponent Failure Impact Analysis
CFMLColdFusion Markup Language
CHIComputer Human Interaction
CHIPSClearinghouse Interbank Payments System.
CIConfiguration Item
CIAConfidentiality, Integrity, Availability
CIBChange Implementation Board
CIKCaisse Interprofessionnelle/Interprofessionele Kas ... the Belgian CSD
CIMChange Implementation Manager - Person that coordinates between development, infrastructure and production departments the move from the development environment (?) to the test environment (?), and ultimately from the test environment (?) to the production environment (?).
CIOChief Information (and Communication) Officer
CIPPCritical Information Infrastructure Protection
CMConfiguration Management
CMCChannel Management Committee
CMDBConfiguration Management Database
CMIRChannel Management Information Reporting
CMISCommon Management Interface Service
CMITCommon Management Interface Tool
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integration
CMOChief Mobile Officer
CMSContent Management System
CMTConfiguration Management Tool
CMXCorel Metafile Exchange
COACertificate Of Authority
COBITControl Objectives for Information and Related Technology>
COBOLCommon Business-oriented Language
COCOMOConstructive Cost Model
CODCode On Demand
CODCost Of Delay
CODACodified Account Information
COMComponent Object Model
COPCode Of Practice
COPECreate Once, Publish Everywhere
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf
CPUCentral Processing unit
CQICode Quality Improvement
CRCarriage Return
CRCode Review
CRChange Request
CRCChange & Release Coordination
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CSCustomer Services
CSACustom Support Agreement
CSDCentral Security Depository
CSECertified System Engineer
CSFCritical Success Factor
CSIPContinuous Service Improvement Programme
CSPContent Security Policy
CSSCascading Style Sheets
CSSCustomer Satisfaction Survey
CTCorporate Technology
CTCore Technology
CTMCore Technology Manager
CTOChief Technology Officer
CTPLCorporate Technology Project Leader (see also Core Technology Manager - CTM)
CUACustomer User Administration - CUA, SAS and WAM work closely together, WAM being the highest level of abstraction and replicationg its data to SAS and CUA. See also SAS, WAM.
CUGClosed User Group
CaAbilities to perform (common feature)
DABData center Architecture Blueprint
DADDisciplined Agile Development
DAMDomain Account Manager
DANEDevice Apps Network Efficiency
DAPData Access Profile
DARDecision Analysis and Resolution
DASDirectly Attached Storage
DASDDirect Access Storage Device
DAUDaily Active Users
DBFDataBase File … système de bases de données inventé par Wayne Ratliff en 1978.
DBLDays Before Launch
DBRDetailed Business Requirements
DBVDelivery by Value
DCDelivery Center
DCSData Center Strategy
DCSDocument Control System
DDCPDistribution and Development Certificates Procurement
DDIDirect Debit Instructions
DDMSDalvik Debug Monitor Server
DEVDevelopment Validation
DFDDetailed Functional Design
DGDeveloper Guide
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHSDefinitive Hardware Store
DLLDynamic Link Library
DMADirect Memory Access
DMIDesktop Management Instrumentation
DMRDigital Mail Room
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force
DMZDemilitarized Zone
DNSDomain Name System
DOAPDescription of a Project
DOMDocument Object Model : DOM is a description of how an HTML or XML document is represented in an object-oriented fashion. DOM provides an application programming interface to access and modify the content, structure and style of the document (extract from Wikipedia ou Wikipedia français).
DPDeployment Plan
DRGDeveloper Reference Guide
DRMDigital Restrictions Management
DRPDisaster & Recovery Plan
DRYDon't repeat yourself
DSADistributed Service Administrator
DSACDistributed Service Administration Coordination
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLDefinitive Software Library
DSRDetailed Security Requirements
DSSData Security Standard
DSTXDataStage TX (former Mercator)
DTADouble Taxation Agreement
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTDDetailed Technical Design
DTOData Transfer Object
DVDynamic View
DVDDigital Versatile Disk
DVPDelivery Versus Payment ... only used in externally settled transactions.
DaaSData as a Service
DoSDenial of Service
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAPExtensible Authentification Protocol
EAR fileEnterprise Archive file - A JAR archive that contains a J2EE application
EBElectronic Banking
EBKElectronische Bank Kanalen
ECCEnvironment Customisation & Control
ECCEquipment Cost Centre
ECREvolutive and Corrective Request
ECUEquipment Cost Unit
EFEnvironnement Factors
EFQMEuropean Foundation for Quality Management
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
EJBEnterprise JavaBeans
EMEAEurope Middle East & Africa
EOCEstimated Operating Costs
EPOSElectronic Point-Of-Sale
EPoSSEuropean Platform on Smart Systems
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ESMEnterprise Systems Management
ESNCEssential or 'Strictly Necessary' Cookies
ESPExternal Service Provider
ETCEstimated To Completion
ETLExtraction Transformation & Loading
ETWEvent Tracing for Windows
EXINExamination Institute for Information Service
EnEngagement to perform (common feature)
FAFunctional Architect
FAMFinancial Accounting Management
FAPFunctional Access Profile
FAPFactors Affecting Performance
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FASFunctional Architect Solution
FATFunctional Acceptance Testing
FBCsFull Business Cases
FCFunctional Cookies
FCAPSFault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security
FCLFoundation Class Library
FCLFeedback Control Loop
FCLFoundation Computer Lab
FCMFive Case Model
FCPForeign exChange Payment
FDFunctional Design
FDDFunctional Decision Diagram
FDDFeature Driven Development
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
FDDFull Deployment Decision
FEBLFront End Business Logic
FFFire & Forget - A way to send messages in an EAI without expecting any response back. It uses the missile paradigm by which when the missile is fired the target is not supposed to respond back and there is no further guidance towards the objective.
FLLFoxPro Link Library
FMFacilities Managed/Management (also outsourcing)
FMFinancial Management
FMFinancial Market
FMOSFirefox Mobile OS
FMREphémère (.fmr) - An extension of files treated by FastWrite Web Servers
FOACFront Office Alignment Committee
FOAFFriend of a Friend
FOAFFlash of Unstyled Content
FOUTFlash of Unstyled Text, was coined by Paul Irish (http://paulirish.com/2009/fighting-the-font-face-fout/)
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name, also called "absolute domain name".
FSFunctional specifications
FSFeasibility Study
FSCForward Schedule of Changes
FSFFree Software Foundation
FTEFull-Time Equivalent
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FTRFormal Technical Review
FUFile Upload
FWSFastWrite Screen
FWWFastWrite Window
FYIFor Your Information
FailoverAutomatic substitution of a failed component to a redundant component to ensure uninterrupted operability.
GAGoogle Analytics
GCCGNU C-Compiler
GDMGovernment Data Network
GMDBGlobal Market Database
GNOMEGNU Network Object Model Environment
GNUGNU's Not Unix
GOFGang Of Four
GPFGeneral Protection Fault
GPLGeneral Public License
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GREPGlobal Regular Expression Print
GRIGlobal Roadmap Integration
GTQGestion Totale de la qualité
GTSGeneric Transformation Services
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Multi-Processing
HALHardware Abstraction Layer
HCHead Count
HCDHandheld Chameleon Devices
HCLHardware Compatibility List
HDHard Disk
HDHigh Density
HDBMSHierarchical Database Management System
HFHotfix. When a critical service of the application is blocked with loss of money, loss of reputation, risk for the business, a HF has to be achieved urgently. Thus the HF is linked to an incident and a service cut.

The decision to achieve the HF comes from the Hot Fix Committee (HFC) which gathers at the initiative of PAM in connection with the escalation of an incident and the crisis situation.

A HF is either related to a code, data or a parameter. With the aid of PAM or of the IOC, the code or the data are immediately modified in production. An executable can be sent from the development environment to production without respecting the standard release rules.

The HF follows a cycle : gamma and then retrofit alpha/beta to align these environments. PAM is in charge of the good coordination of the HF.

NB: We recommend, if possible, to test the HF briefly elsewhere than in gamma and to put the HF in a file of ksh type.
HFCThe Hotfix Committee.

For a HF : The application owner, IM application, PAM.

For a UP : The application owner, IM application.
HHDHandHeld Device
HHOKHa, Ha, only Kidding
HIPPIHIgh-Performance Parallel Interface
HLBRHigh Level Business Requirements
HLDHigh Level Design
HLFAHigh Level Functional Architecture
HLFASHigh Level Functional Architecture Soltion
HLFDHigh Level Functional Design
HLLHigh Level Language
HLSRHigh Level Security Requirements
HLTDHigh Level Technical Design
HLTLSHigh Level Testing and Launching Strategy
HPFSHigh Performance File System
HRMHuman resources Management
HSBHue, Saturation, Brightness
HSLHue, Saturation, Luminosity
HSVHue, Saturation, Value
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
HUDHeads-Up Display
I.O.U.I Owe You
IAMIdentity Access Management
ICAMIntegrated Computer - Aided Manufacturing
ICSDInternational Central Security Depository
ICSICAI Can See; I Can Act
ICTInformation & Communication Technology
ICTThe convergence of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Data Networking Technologies into a single technology
ICTIICT Infrastructure
ICTIMICT Infrastructure Management
ICTSGICT Steering Group
IDEALIdentify, Determine, Evaluate, Act, and Learn (problem-solving model)
IDEALInitiate, Diagnose, Establish, Act, CapitaLize/Leverage (Software Engineering Institute model)
IDFAIdentifier for Advertisers
IDLInterface Definition Language - a language used to define interfaces to remote CORBA objects. The interfaces are independent of operating systems and programming languages.
IDNInternationalised Domain Names ... internet domains with accented characters.
IEEInstitute of Electrical Engineers
IIBING Inside Business
IISInternet Information Server
IMIncident Management
IMAPInteractive Mail Access Protocol
IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity
IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity
INNInternational Network
IOUI Owe You
IPInternet Protocol
IPMIntegration project Management
IPPDIntegrated Product and Process Development
IPRIncome Payment Report
ISInformation Services : the means of delivering information from one person to another; ICT is the technical apparatus for doing so
ISInformation Systems
ISEBInformation Systems Examination Board
ISGIT Steering Group
ISINInternational Securities Identification Numbering system
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ITInformation Technology
ITBRMIT Business Relationship Management
ITDIT Delivery
ITILIT Infrastructure Library : a set of guides on the management and provision of operational IT services.
ITILIntegration Testing In the Large.
ITSCIT Service Continuity
ITSCMIT Service Continuity Management
ITSMIT Service Management
ITTInvitation To Tender
IVIntegration Validation
IVRInteractive Voice Response
IaaSInfrastructure As A Service
IoTInternet Of Things
JCLJob Control Language
JDBCJava Database Connectivity — An API for database-independent connectivity between the J2EE platform and a wide range of data sources.
JDKJava Development Kit
JITJust In Time compiler
JMSJava Message Service - An API for using enterprise messaging systems such as IBM MQ Series, TIBCO Rendezvous, and so on.
JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface — part of the Java platform, providing applications based on Java technology with a unified interface to multiple naming and directory services.
JNIJava Native Interface
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JREJava Runtime Environment
JRFJava framework that permits to create remote XML Business Services
JSPJava Server Pages. An extensible web technology that uses template data, custom elements, scripting languages, and server-side Java objects to return dynamic content to a client. Typically the template data is HTML or XML elements, and in many cases the client is a web browser.
JSRJava Specification Request.
JTSSpecifies the implementation of a transaction manager which supports JTA and implements the Java mapping of the OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS) 1.1 specification at the level below the API.
JVMJava Virtual Machine
KDMKnowledge & Document Management
KELKnown Error Log
KICKlient Input Client
KMKnowledge Management
KOCKlient Output Client
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KSFKey Success Factors
KSIKey Success Indicator
LCOMLack Of Cohesion in Methods
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LFLine Feed
LFFQLearn Fast, Fail Quickly
LLLLifeLong Learning
LMKLow Memory Killer
LOBLine Of Business
LRULeast Recently Used
LSPLoad, Stress and Performance
LSSLean Six Sigma
LeSSLarge-Scale Scrum
MAMeasurement and Analysis
MACMovements, Additions and Changes
MAPIMail/Messaging Applications Programming Interface
MBOManagement By Objectives
MCManagement Committee
MD5Message Digest 5: it is a secure hashing function that converts a data stream into a digest of fixed size. This algorithm has been placed in the public domain by RSA Data Security, Inc.
MDsMan Days
MFTMaster File Table
MICRMICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MKCMarket Claims
MMMaturity Management
MMMeeting Minutes
MMFMinimal Marketable Feature
MMRMinimum Marketable Release
MNOMobile Network Operator
MOManaged Object
MOMMessage Oriented Middleware
MQSeriesIBM - Message Queuing Series
MRAMail Retrieval Agent
MRUMost Recently Used
MSPManaging Successful Programmes
MTAMail Transfer Agent
MTBFMean time between failure
MTBSIMean time between system incidents
MTTLMean Time To Load
MTTRMean Time To Recover
MUAMail User Agent
MeMeasurement and analysis (common feature)
MoMMinutes of Meeting
N/ANot Applicable
NALNom, Adresse, Localité - Name, Address, Locality
NASNetwork Attached Storage — The advantages of a NAS over conventional server-attached storage can be summed up in three words: economy, speed, and ease. The NAS device sits on the network and is optimized for a single purpose: to pump data to users efficiently without the overhead and complexity of general-purpose servers. Such devices can produce improved file access performance at a substantially lower cost than general-purpose network servers. NAS is often contrasted with SANs, but NAS is actually under the "storage network" umbrella. The major difference is that the SAN is "channel attached", and the NAS is network attached. Adding or removing a NAS system is like adding or removing any network node.
NFRNon Functional Requirements
NLPNatural Language Processing
NOPNo OPeration
NSMNetwork Services Management
NTFSNew Technology File System
OCROptical Character Recognition
OCXOLE Custom Control
ODCOffshore Development Center
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OGCOffice of Government Commerce (PRINCE is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce)
OHAOpen Handset Alliance
OIDOrganizational Innovation and Deployment
OLAOperational Level Agreement : An internal agreement covering the delivery of services which support the IT organisation in their delivery of services.
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OMROptical Mark Recognition
OOMObject Oriented Metrics
OOPObject Oriented Programming
OORAObject Oriented Requirements Analysis
OOTObject Oriented Testing
OPDOrganizational Process Definition
OPFOrganizational Process Focus
OPPOrganizational Process Performance
OROperational Requirement
OROperational Readiness
ORBObject Request Broker. A library than enables CORBA objects to locate and communicate with one another.
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSSOpen Source Scenarios
OTOrganizational Training
OTACEOn Time and Above Client Expectations : program that monitors the client satisfaction at the large. In general, the quality criteria that are examined are :
  • Deliverables
  • Cost control
  • Responsiveness
  • Productivity
  • Compliance
  • Schedule
  • Behavior
  • Communication
OTOQOBOn Time, On Quality, On Budget
OTPOne-Time Password
OTPOpen Telecom Platform
OTSObject Transaction Service. A definition of the interfaces that permit CORBA objects to participate in transactions.
PAParticipant Acceptance
PANPersonal Account Number
PAPPer cent public and protected
PARProblem Analysis Report
PATPrinciple Assertion Test
PATPortable Appliance Testing
PATParticipant Acceptance Testing
PCMProject Cost Management
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDCAPlan, Do, Check, Analyze
PDFAdobe Portable Document Format
PDMProgram Delivery Management
PDSProject Delivery Support
PDUPower Distribution Unit
PECTPan-European Credit Transfer
PEDDPan-European Direct Debit
PEMProgram Execution Management
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PHPPersonal Home Page : Programming language that allows to create dynamic web pages.
PIProduct Integration
PIDProject Initiation Document
PIDProcess ID
PIMParty Information Management
PIMPortfolio Intelligence Management
PINPersonal Identification Number
PIRPost Implementation Review
PIRPost Implementation Report
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PLProject Leader
PLPost Launch
PLCProject Life Cycle
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PMProject Manager
PMCProject Monitoring and Control
PMFProcess Maturity Framework
PMOProject Management Office. See also PSO.
PMTPerformance Measurement Techniques
POAPortable Object Adapter. A CORBA standard for building server-side applications that are portable across heterogeneous ORBs.
POCProof of Concept
POCPoint Of Contact
POPPoint Of Purchase
POP3Post Office Protocol (level/version) 3
POSProject Overview Statement
POTTAPlan One To Throw Away
POURPerceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust
PPProject Planning
PPAPost-Project Appraisal
PPEPost-Project Evaluation
PPLProject Products List
PPQAProcess and Product Quality Assurance
PPRPost-Project Review
PPRProject Progress Report
PQMProject Quality Management
PQPProject Quality Plan
PRAProject Request Approval
PRCProject Review Calendar - Calendar of project review dates, meetings and issues of reports set against project week numbers or dates.
PRINCEPRojects IN Controlled Environments : The standard UK government method for Project Management. The 3rd edition, PRINCE2, is the current version of PRINCE.
PRO/SIMPrototyping and Simulation
PSAProfessional Services Agreement
PSAProjected Service Availability
PSIPotentially Shippable Increment
PSOProject Support Office
PSPECProcess specification
PSRProject Status Report
PTRSProactive Tax Reclaim Service
PaaSPlatform As A Service
ProcedureA written description of a course of action to be taken to perform a given task. [IEEE-STD-610]
QDSQuantified Design Space
QFDQuality Fucntion Deployment
QKDQuantum Key Distribution
QPMQuantitative Process Management
QoSQuality of Service
R&DResearch and Development
R/RRequest/Reply - This mode of sending messages in an EAI is the opposite of the Fire & Forget mode (see FF).
RACRisk Approval Commitee
RACFResource Access Control Facility
RADRapid Application Development
RAEWResponsibility, Authority, Experience, Work capacity
RAGRed, Amber, Green: often used in status reporting to qualify the status of a task/deliverable/milestone
RAICVResponsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed, Verified
RAIDRedundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks
RAMResource Allocation Management
RBIReality Based Interfaces
RCARoot Causes Analysis
RDResearch and Development
RDRequirements Development
RDFResource Definition Framework
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
REQMRequirements Management
RFCRequest For Change
RFCRequest For Comments: see the Internet Engineering Task Force web site (http://www.ietf.org/)
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFQRequest For Quote
RGReference Guide
RGBRed, Green, Blue
RIARich Internet Application
RICRisk, Issues & Change requests
RIRORoll in, Roll out : ssed on some systems for swapping.
RMRequirements Management
RMIRemote Method Invocation: enables the programmer to create distributed Java technology-based applications, in which the methods of remote Java objects can be invoked from other Java virtual machines.
RMMMRisk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management
RMORegulatory Management Officer
RMORoadmap Management Office
ROIReturn On Investment
ROLAPRelational On-Line Analytical Processing
ROMRead Only Memory
ROMRough Order or Magnitude
ROOMReal-Time Object-Oriented Modeling
RPCRoadmap Prioritization Commitee
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RRPRecommended Retail Price
RRTRapid Response Team
RSACryptographic security named after its inventors: Drs. Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard M. Adleman
RSDRoute Server Daemon
RSHRemote Shell
RSQMRisk Management
RSSReally Simple Syndication: an XML format for sharing content on the web (news, events, ...). A web site can then publish some of its content and let others extract the content for re-publication on other sites in a completely automated way.
RSSRich Site Summary: see RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
RSVReference Site Visit
RTBLReady To Be Launched
RTIRun Time Infrastructure
RTMRequirements Traceability Matrix
RTMRelease To Manufactire
RTORecovery Time Objective
RTTRound Trip Time
RUIReality User Interface
RUMReal User Monitoring
RUPRational Unified Process
RVBRouge, Vert, Bleu
RWDResponsive Web Design
SASelective Availability
SAASystems Application Architecture
SABRESemi-Automatic Business Research Environment
SACSingle Attachment Concentrator
SACDSuper Audio Compact Disk
SACLSystem Access Control List
SADLSynchronous Data Link Control
SAINTSymbolic Automatic Integrator
SAMSupplier Agreement Management
SANStorage Area Network - a high-speed subnetwork of shared storage devices. A storage device is a machine that contains nothing but a disk or disks for storing data. A SAN's architecture works in a way that makes all storage devices available to all servers on a LAN or WAN. As more storage devices are added to a SAN, they too will be accessible from any server in the larger network. In this case, the server merely acts as a pathway between the end user and the stored data. Because stored data does not reside directly on any of a network's servers, server power is utilized for business applications, and network capacity is released to the end user.
SAOMStrategic Alignment Objectives Model
SAPSingle Application Platform
SARASend Ambassadors; Receive Ambassadors
SASSystem Administration Services — This interface has been developed by TCS in their off-the-shelf pre-packaged solution. However, in the context of WeB R2, a high level interface has been designed by ING that must therefore replicate its administration information to SAS (and also to CUA): WAM. See also CUA, WAM.
SASSSyntactically Awesome Stylesheets
SAXSimple API for XML. An event-driven, serial-access mechanism for accessing XML documents.
SBASenior Business Analyst
SCASecurities Clearance Accounts
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCDSystem Context Diagram
SCESuppliers Capability Evaluation
SCHSkill Center Head
SCISoftware Configuration Item
SCLSkill Center Lead
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCMSoftware Configuration Management
SCSISmall Computer Systems Interface
SDSequence Diagram
SDLCSystem Development Lifecycle
SDLCSoftware Development Lifecycle
SDMService Dependency Modeling
SEStock Exchange
SECSecurities & Exchange Commission
SEESoftware Engineering Environment
SEGSoftware Engineering Group
SEISoftware Engineering Institute (see CMM)
SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SEPASingle Euro Payment Area
SEPGSoftware Engineering Process Group
SFDSystem Flow Diagram
SIBOSSWIFT International Banking & Operations Seminar
SIDESStaffing Industry Data Exchange Standards
SIEMSecurity Information and Event Management
SIFISystematically Important Financial Institutions
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SKOSSimple Knowledge Organization System
SLAService Level Agreement - Level of service offered to a customer
SLAMSimultaneous Localization And Mapping
SLIMSoftware Life-cycle Management (project estimation package)
SLIPSerial Line Interface Protocol
SLMService Level Management : The process of defining, agreeing, documenting and managing the levels of customer IT service, that are required and cost justified.
SLOService Level Objective
SLRService Level Requirement
SMSecurity Management
SMARTSpecific, Motivating, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound
SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related
SMARTSmall, Meticulous, Accessible, Regular, Template
SMKBService Management Knowledge Base
SMPSecurity Management Process
SMPGSecurities Market Practice Group
SMSShort Message Service is a service available on mobile phones that support Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication. It is limited to 160 characters per message.
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SNTPSimple Network Time Protocol
SOAService Oriented Architecture
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol : object oriented RPC protocol XML based. See also SOA
SOCITMSociety of Council IT Managers
SOCsStrategic Outline Cases
SOPsStrategic Outline Programmes
SORStatement Of Requirements
SOWStatement Of Work
SOXAlternative syntax for XML. It is useful for reading and creating XML content in a text editor. It is then easily transformed into proper XML.
SOXSarbanes-Oxley (http://www.sarbanes-oxley-forum.com/)
SPSingle Platform
SPASoftware Process Assessment
SPASingle-Page Applications
SPESoftware Process Engineering
SPISoftware Process Improvement
SPISoftware Process Improvement
SPICESoftware Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
SPMFService management Process Maturity Framework
SPOCSingle Point Of Contact
SPOFSingle Point Of Failure
SPPSoftware Project Planning
SQASoftware Quality Assurance
SQESoftware Quality Engineering
SQESpecifications for Qualification Environment
SQLStructured Query Language - The standardized relational database language for defining database objects and manipulating data.
SQMSoftware Quality Management
SRPSingle Responsibility Principle (SRP, SRP)
SSESingle Settlement Engine
SSIDService Set Identifier
SSLSecure Socket Layer - A security protocol that provides privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows client-server applications to communicate in a way that cannot be eavesdropped or tampered with. Servers are always authenticated and clients are optionally authenticated.
SSMSoftware Subcontract Management
SSOSingle Sign On
SSPIStatistical Software Process Improvment
SSPIStatistical Software Process Improvement
SSSScheduling Setup Sheet
STDState Transition Diagram
STEAMSurface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model
STEAMSurface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
STEMScience and Technology Enterprise Management
STPStraight-Through Processing
SUPService Usage Procedure
SVSystem Validation
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit
SW-TMMSoftWare Test Maturity Model
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SaaSSoftware As A Service
TAATarget Application Architecture
TAPTesting Assessment Program
TBATo Be Advised
TBDTo Be Determined
TCFFacteur de complexité technique
TCLTool Command Language
TCMTrellis Code Modulation
TCMTechnology Change Management
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCSTest Case Specifications
TCSTest Case Scenarios
TDDTest Driven Development
TDSTest Design Specification
TEPTax Entitled Positions
TITransaction Initiation
TLTeam Leader
TLTransformation Layer
TLDTop Level Domain
TMGTest Management Group
TMGTransfert Magn賩que/Magnetische Giro's
TOTask Order
TOCTable Of Content
TOCThery Of Constraints
TOMTest Organization Maturity
TORTerms Of Reference
TPTraining Program
TPATele Processing Agences
TPDThird Party Delivery
TPITest Process Improvement
TPKTele Processing Kantoren
TQCTotal Quality Control
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRAThe Road Ahead
TSTechnical Solution
TSTicketing system
TSMTivoli Storage Manager
TSSTandem Security System
TTFBTime To First Byte
TTOTransfer To Operation
TTSText To Speech
TTTTrain The Trainer
TYPTrust Your People
UAUser Agent
UAUser Acceptance
UADUser Account Database
UATUser Acceptance Testing
UCUnderpinning Contract
UCCUtility Cost Centre
UCSUnicode Conversion Support
UDIDUnique Device Identifier
UGCUser Generated Content
UIDUser Identifier
UPUse Points
UPUrgent Promotion.

A UP is a release via EPR that was being prepared and that has to be accelerated to solve a problem in production or resolve a business restraint.

The UP is achieved at a moment with a minimum impact on the services supplied by the application.

PAM does not have to intervene in the UP process. It has to be informed as for any other change.

The UP follows the normal cycle of the release process : alpha, beta, gamma.
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
URIUniform Resource Identifier (défini dans le RFC 2396)
URLUniform Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name. A unique identifier that identifies an entity, but doesn't tell where it is located. A system can use a URN to look up an entity locally before trying to find it on the web. It also allows the web location to change, while still allowing the entity to be found.
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UTFUnicode Transformation Format
UUIDUniversally Unique IDentifier
VCIVirtual Storage Interrupt
VCMValue web Collaboration Management
VFCVae Soli! Foundation Classes
VGBVerzamel Giro Betalingen
VHSVideo Home System
VeVerifying implementation (common feature)
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium (voir Wikipedia)
W3C HTML WGW3C HTML Working Group (http://www.w3.org/html/wg/)
WACWeb Access Control
WAFWeb Application Firewall
WAFWeb Application Framework
WAIWeb Accessibility Initiative
WAISWide Area Information Server
WAMWeb Application Monitoring
WAMWeb Access Manager
WARWeb Archive - JAR archive that contains a web module.
WASWebSphere Application Server
WBLWeeks Before Launch
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines
WDCWallonie Data Center
WDMWavelength Division Multiplexing
WDYTWhat Do You Think?
WECAWireless Ethernet Compatibility Association
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WHATWGWeb Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (www.whatwg.org/)
WINSWindows Internet Naming Service
WINSOCKWindows Sockets
WIPWork In Progress
WMFWindows Metafile Format
WMIWindows Management Instrumentation
WMSWeb Message Security - Offers cryptographic services
WMSWebSphere Member Services - This is a DB of the portal that deals with users.
WORMWrite Once, Read More
WPAWi-Fi Protected Area
WPCWPC Web Page Composer (software)
WPCWPC Webroot Parental Controls
WPCWPC Work Package Concept
WPCWPC Work Performance Category
WPCWPC Workshop on Pervasive Computing
WPCWPC Winning Performance Culture
WPOWeb Performance Optimization
WPSWebSphere Portal Server
WPTWeb Publishing Tool
WSAWeb Security Administration
WSDLWeb Services Definition Language
WSSWeb Security Services
WTAWeb Transaction Archive
WTFWeb Testing Framework
WWWWorld-Wide Web
WYSBYGIWhat You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYWOWhile You Were Out
WebVTTWeb Video Text Tracks
WhCWholesale Channel
XHTMLeXtensible HyperText Markup Language
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XSLeXtensible Stylesheet Language - style sheet language for programmers for styling XML documents. Aimed at complex documentation projects, XSL has many uses associated with the automatic generation of tables of contents, indexes, reports and other more complex publishing tasks, especially printing.
XSLTeXtensible Stylesheet Transformation
XSSCross-Site Scripting
ZTAZone de Télécommunications Avancées
ZWGZeroconf Working Group
z-indexDepth number applied to visual rendering (for example on a form, or on a web page). The higher the number is, the more the element appears in front of others.
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