About TRQL Radio and About Our People

About our Concept

TRQL Radio is a webradio and a webradio ONLY! As a matter of fact, the future for the radio is the Web, and possibly new IP protocols. All the rest is just rambling (DAB, DAB+, …). And this makes us VERY ANGRY when we hear national radios spending public money inconsiderately chasing chimeras !

TRQL Radio is about computer code and computer code ONLY! Software eats the world and radios that haven't understood this basic fact won't be able to survive! We predict their fallout within 5 years, we're grieved to say! As a matter of fact, we have changed the way Radio shows are created. Yes, we knew how to do it the classic way (we've been in the radio industry for a while), but we have decided to be innovative to the max. There was simply no software solution out there that could help us. Therfore, we have created ALL our code ourselves, which permits to implement what we feel should be implemented.

TRQL Radio is about a strong musical format : Adult Contemporary. And Adult Contemporary ONLY! We HATE commercials; we HATE indistinctive and uninteresting blahblah. And, most of all, we HATE bad music and there are plenty of radios with extremely BAD music! Sad!

TRQL Radio exists for (1) the listeners and (2) the artists. We exist ONLY for them. We didn't create TRQL Radio for the money! As a metter of fact, we spend a lot of our personal money to make this radio possible! Well … and … for fun!

Strong statements, huh?!? Yes! We do not worship waffle language! You're here with people speaking the truth! We're OPEN and TRANSPARENT. It's a way of LIVING, BEHAVING and SHARING! TRUE and REAL!


TRQL Radio's Listening Committee

We spend a lot of time listening to old and new material. These are the persons in our "Listening Committee" (so far):

Ma journée commence par 2 cafés serrés, l'écoute des bulletins d'informations générales sur différentes radios afin de rester à jour au niveau de ce qu'il se passe dans le monde. Ensuite je m'installe au salon. L'ordinateur étant sans cesse allumé, je relève le courrier électronique. Je découvre dès lors les nouveaux concerts annoncés, les futures sorties « cd » ainsi que les potins du monde musical. Vous l'aurez compris, je suis abonné à des dizaines de newsletters en rapport avec la musique en général. Ces newsletters permettent d'enrichir ma culture musicale au quotidien. Que ce soit du Jazz, de la Soul, du Funk, du son West-Coast et de la Pop musique.

Je parcours également YouTube car étant abonné à de multiples chaînes musicales, celles-ci contribuent également à la découverte de nouveaux morceaux ainsi que de nouveaux ou futurs talents. Ceci étant très important pour le Comité d'Écoute dont je fais partie.

Ce travail de recherche et d'écoute permet au catalogue musical de TRQL Radio de s'améliorer sans cesse, d'alimenter le catalogue de base, d'y apporter les nouveautés sélectionnées par le Comité et de contribuer à la réalisation de séquences et/ou de journées particulières. Faire partie du Comité d'Écoute est un plaisir quotidien. Avouez qu'il y a pire comme travail.

Je vous laisse ici car mon téléphone sonne. C'est probablement une proposition d'interview ou un concert, voire les deux. Vous le devinez … la musique ??? Que du bonheur !

I am so honored and pleased to have been approached and invited to become a member of the TRQL « Listening Commitee ».

As a musician lover for more than 50 years I had the opportunity of listening, appreciating and meeting a so large number of musicians while working for some medias (Megastore, Radios, Clubs).

Now as a Community manager I am still in contact with some artists, blogspot owners, and few music business workers.

With my computer always connected to the web it's easier to stay in touch with all these guys who are still making this music I loved, I love, I shall ever love.

Having subscribed to many notification sources I receive daily news from all over the world about music and musicians. I have big opportunities yo discover old and new musical talents as well as album releases which can fit the TRQL program.

Browsing websites in search of the "pearl" novelties is also one my daily quest.

It's such a pleasure to learn every day what's happening here and there in the music areana and to share it all around me by AIR WAVES.

Giving the opportunity to the artists to be heard, listened and loved is the main purpose of my collaboration with TRQL Radio.

My commitment in this adventure is a pure LABOR OF LOVE.


I've been inactive in music for so long that I need to work twice as hard as anyone else in this group to catch up with these guys!

This translates into 1 à 2 hours a day, listening to new music, groups I was not acquainted to, etc.

This role spans many areas of the radio and results in many artist contacts, email checking, downloads, catalog updates, selection of Air Powers, and the likes! But you know what? I love it!


Pat Boens

I have always been a radio addict since the early 80ies. Serving music on Radio Iris, Radio BXL, Radio Kiss, Bruxelles Inter, Radio Contact, SIS … This was my world!

At the break of the eighthies, right before entering the 90ies, I quit! Other concerns, other job, other challenges. And an IT company to create!

However, there was a hole there that I never managed to fully fill. Until 2017! Almost 30 years later!

Back in 2007, I wanted to have my own sound studio because I was caressing the idea of resuming music shows (I still do not have this f.. studio today). As always, this idea was sadly postponed year after year. Until 2016.

It was halloween. We were together at home with friends from Paris, discussing music around the central cooking island of the kitchen. I launched: For March, 17th, I will launch my own radio station!

Cédric Le Dantec–one of the many friends surrounding me–swiftly replied: No! You are kidding me. That's my dream for ages! That's how it started!

March 2017 is there! Gosh, we booked vacations in Thailand, Koh Samui. S..., I have done very few for my radio station! I took my notebook and started writing code in it (I mean, on paper, not on a computer!). It was obvious to me that this was supposed to be a web radio! Well, a lot of notes, bulks of ideas!

And of course, I couldn't launch TRQL Radio on Martch, 17th, as I once announced! What da ya think? Instead, the first time it was possible to hear something on the web that was in early May 2017. In the course of May, we had our first playlists. In June we reached 7 days of music without interruption. Without interruption? Really? Oh, no! My code was imprecise, not robust enough, and full of shortcomings.

But I kept modifying it, day after day, bit by bit until this date of December, 1st, 2017, which is the official date the radio is born (for the Sabam at least).

A bit more than a year later, our radio catalog is about 20000 tracks, mostly pop/rock (that's where my affinity is, you see), we broadcast our playlists 24/7, and we are about 10 people around this project, all of them working when they can with ONE UNIQUE goal in mind: Almost Perfect Adult Contemporary Music!

TRQL Radio does no exist for the money, you see. TRQL Radio exists for the listeners and for the artists. And we owe them the best.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! Have fun!


La musique, je suis tombé dedans quand j'étais petit, avec du classique, parents oblige. Et puis, une certaine révolte s'installe, nous sommes en 1973 ! Mon premier 45 tours est le groupe Slade 'Cum on feel the noise.

À 17 ans, je vendais des disques import, c'était mon premier job. Le chaudron magique de la musique s'installe pour ne plus jamais me quitter.

Les années 80, ce sont les années des radios libres et l'une d'entre elles, à savoir SIS, m'a ouvert la porte des ondes avec Tequila Sunrise. 8 ans de découvertes pour les auditeurs avides de bonne musique et de savoir. Quelques passages épisodiques sur les ondes nationales ont augmenté mon expérience.

Le temps de fonder une famille avec un autre rythme de vie active, les années sont passées et à l'écoute de la bande FM je me suis rendu compte qu'elle ne me correspondait plus.

La donne a changé il y a 6 ans quand j'ai acheté ma première radio internet. J'y ai retrouvé mon horizon musical grâce à des radios anglaises, françaises, brésiliennes, américaines, … bref l'univers de la musique et ses connexions universelles sont désormais devenus à ma portée.

Dès lors, créer sa propre radio a germé dans la tête de Patrick Boens. TRQL vit le jour avec ses possibilités infinies. Une collaboration étroite et une complicité musicale se sont installées entre nous et je vous invite à la découvrir sur TRQL.


Véronique Morlet

Good music has caressed, tickled, teased and titillated my ears for about 40 years. Private radios and "Radio Cité" inspired me and made me dream.

Unfortunately, they did not manage to cross the bar of the 90s and since then the FM wave has become a graveyard.

Too few programs that match what I want to hear, too many commercials, too much blahblah with no intesting message.

Then something happened, like in nerve-racking and thrilling movies: the advent of the web! Then started web radios flourishing and a whole new horizon has opened with astounding music.

Together with Ronald, we started discovering web radios whose core line was true good music, the kind of music it's impossible to leave behind, radio stations you crave reconnecting to at sunrise the next day !

With such surprising web radios we have established incredible connections with people living on the other side of the planet, thousand of miles away from our own living place. How inspiring!

As everything is in everything, and without rewriting history, Patrick created TRQL Radio and the promise of something different for the respect of our ears! Something different, another horizon than what we have been served for years.

Thanks Patrick for this great idea; Thank you Ronald for your musical knowledge.

TRQL-ish yours,

Chris Morris

1978 : J'ai 9 ans et mon père a fait l'achat d'un poste de radio avec la FM. Sur ce poste j'ai pu découvrir les toutes premières radios musicales FM venant de la principauté de Monaco comme RMC Côte d'azur, RMC Rock mais surtout écouter des radios pirates françaises émettant de l'Italie comme Azur 102, Radio Midi etc.

1981 : J'ai 12 ans et enfin cette année grâce à la libération des ondes, la bande FM de la Côte d'azur voit affluer des dizaines de radios musicales dites libres comme Aurélia, Cannes Radio, Riviera FM, PB FM, Radio Baie des Anges. Je commence à enregistrer des tas d'émission et de musique avec parfois des « inters » de ces fameux animateurs que je suis déjà très envieux de remplacer !!!

1984 : J'ai 15 ans, je visite quelques radios comme Fréquence Sud au Cannet (06). Cette radio bénéficiait déjà d'une notoriété locale et possédait pour l'époque un traitement de son incomparable avec des moyens techniques très élevés. C'est aussi l'année de mon premier concert : Stevie Wonder, le 12 juillet 1984 au stade de Coubertin à Cannes La Bocca.

1987 : J'ai 18 ans et les radios dites libres laissent la place aux réseaux nationaux comme NRJ; un peu de nostalgie pour ces radios antérieures qui n'ont pas pu survivre !

1990 : J'ai 21 ans et j'ai la chance de faire un stage de 2 mois sur la radio Kiss FM à Cannes et Nice. J'ai pu approcher de très près les animateurs vedettes, la technique mais aussi les sites d'émissions de cette radio ! J'ai également été choisi, la même année, pour faire un casting TV de la célèbre chaîne MCM à Monaco. Tout ça pour le fun !!!! Grand concert également à Nice ou j'ai pu assister à la tournée « Seeds of Love » des Tears For Fears, mon groupe fétiche , quel excellent concert avec la superbe voix de Oleta Adams !

1992 : j'ai 23 ans et ça y est enfin !!! La radio s'offre à moi. Agora FM à Grasse m'engage pour animer une tranche musicale et d'infos pratiques tous les jours de 17h à 21h !!!! Le pied quoi !
J'ai pu apprendre également la technique d'émission, le montage (à l'ancienne, au revox), animer même pendant 2 saisons un atelier « radio » pour les ados d'un centre de vacances.

1995 : J'ai 26 ans et ce sera ma dernière année d'expérience dans une radio. Je collabore en tant qu'animateur réalisateur de la tranche 11h/13h sur une feu radio musicale nommée 97.7FM ! Ce fut pour moi l'expérience ultime des prémices de la gestion assistée par ordinateur !

Depuis les aléas de la vie ont fait que j'ai bifurqué de voie me dirigeant dans les télécoms et quittant littéralement le monde de la radio non sans une très grande tristesse. Je n'ai cessé de me tenir informé de ce qui me plaisait le plus dans la radio comme écouter très tard le soir M. Georges Lang sur RTL, pour moi le meilleur animateur du monde adorant la west coast musique et me faisant partager tout son univers musicale issu de L.A..

J'écoute également avec une grande joie des radios comme Classic 21 ou Pure FM (du groupe RTBF) dont je m'inspire fortement pour réaliser au mieux mon émission future.

Septembre 2012 : très bonne nouvelle : je reprends du service sur Radio Campus Montpellier 102.2 FM tous les 1er vendredi du mois de 19h à 20h pour une émission 100% musicale "Oldies but Goodies", 100% WEST COAST / CLASSIC ROCK / SOUL MUSIC !

Septembre 2014 : changement d'horaire ! Retrouvez-nous 1 dimanche sur 2 à partir de 14h pour le meilleur de l'AOR/ WEST COAST MUSIC.

Septembre 2015 : création de l'émission hebdomadaire California Spirit Radioshow sur Campus Montpellier 102.2 FM tous les dimanches de 14h à 15h.

Depuis le début de l'année : rediffusion de L'émission sur Radio Système Vauvert 93.7 FM et Radio FM PLUS Montpellier 91 FM.

Septembre 2018 : California Spirit Radioshow est maintenant diffusée en podcast sur les plateformes Spotify et Itunes ! Nous sommes également relayés par une vingtaine de médias digitaux dont FLP radio, POP Radio Montpellier, MIX Altitude, LM7 Radio, AIRSHOW Radio …

Novembre 2018 : Pat Boens me contacte pour me demander si je serais d'accord de diffuser California Spirit Radioshow sur TRQL RADIO ! Ma réponse est OUI!

Jean-Paul Ribes


Yes, I do. I love all that sounds good and great to my ears and my soul; storytellers, folk, rock, country rock, soul, funk, blues, jazz, jazz fusion.

Let me explain you why my tastes are like they are.

I became a music lover when for my 14th birthday in March 22, 1963 my girlfriend of that time gave me my first Beatles single called ‘From Me To You’.

Since that day, each time I had enough money in my pocket it was to buy a record. To this day I never stopped buying music when it was possible (question of money).

At age of 16, I was given rock Music exposés to my fellows at school. The Beatles and the ‘Merseybeat’ music helped me to learn English.
I was only a good schoolboy for English and Rock & Pop Music.

At 17 I was a ‘little DJ’ at the parties everywhere around me. My father only loved Opera and classics and he found that I loved ‘bad boy’s music’ and trouble began to come. In these years the full age was 21. So I was rushed to a boarding school for studying mathematics and chemistry, electricity and electronics to have later a real true job as he said. There, I met guys with the same tastes as me, so I grew up knowing more and groups and musicians. During my school holidays I went to Germany two months long each year from 1967 to 1971 to study German language. Near the place I stayed there was an American Air Force base with rock gigs made by American musicians. I discovered the bands, CSN, Grassroots, Youngbloods, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service etc…, the hippie days Westcoast Music.

Each week-end during school time I went home and was allowed to leave the boarding-school and to attend some clubs discothèques where Pop and Rock records where played. I became DJ as extra job for the Saturday night from March 22 1970 till June 1971. I could buy records with money I earned.

From July 1st 1971 till July 31st 1972, I‘ve been doing my military obligations in Germany where I discovered again new bands like America, ‘Horse with No Name’ listening to an American basement a radio for soldiers.

On August 1st ,1972 being free from army obligations, I attended a regular job in an electric contractor company as technical drawer during the week and DJ in a famous club on the Normandy Channel coast on Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. This club was renowned for pop & rock style music. I worked there two years and a half in a row, without any vacations. I was worn out. I stopped in the middle of January 1975 because I won a two weeks holiday to spend at, the mountain in MEGEVE and the boss didn’t want to let me go. I went on vacations without his agreement, leaving a guy making the job. I was fired at. Four months later, the club closed doors.

In March 1975 I was asked to make a replacement for a month for two months in another club playing another style of music progressive, Yes, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Nice, PFM, Jazz fusion, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, blues rock, Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, and other stuff like that. I stayed there 2 years before the beginning of Disco music. Then I stopped doing the DJ in clubs.

In 1973 I met a guy named Bruno Debard owning a music megastore who became a very close friend till today. He was importing the major part of records from the USA and did not speak English at all. So I helped him to find new records suppliers and made a lot of translations for him. I did not get money but records.

At that time I met two other guys, music lovers too, whose tastes were close to mine and a little bit different for other parts. They were bachelor like me at that time and every week-end we were listening and discovering new styles of music. From then till now, we form a COMPLETE TRIO.
I went to California with one of them one month long in August 1977 and August 1978. We were attending music gigs in clubs, casinos and arenas about every day and evening as it could be possible. We drive through California from south to north and east to west.

All of us are living in the same area and attended rocks gigs sometimes together sometimes alone according to our individual tastes. We meet and have dinner once every two months to exchange our discoveries, sometimes the same sometimes not. We spoke of music and listened albums or watched Video concerts.

In 1981, France discovered the FM explosion. Before this, there were no FM radios. I started, with some people, a small radio station for fun with no money at all, because advertisement was forbidden on the air of these stations. The small station stopped two years later and was sold to a commercial network of the neighbohood called RVS.

In 1984, my friend Bruno invited to collaborate to a radio show called ‘Welcome to California Music’ on a commercial radio, RPO, le Havre, a big city near me. It was a two-hour show once a week from 7 to 9PM to promote his record megastore called ‘L’Auditorium’. Every week he received new import albums from USA or Japan. Before selling them in the store in, ‘Avant - Première’ we commented and broadcasted samples of Country Rock, Californian Rock, Jazz Fusion, Soul and Funk from Californian artists and bands. When the artists came to Paris for promotion and gave concerts we had interviews and broadcasted them on the air one week later after the meeting.

We did this show for about 3 years. It ended in the beginning of 1988.

All that music passion was aside my real job in an electrical contractor company.

I left my job for the first time in February 1989.
I went back to University attending a sale and marketing cursus paid by the national unemployed people service.

The scholarship stood 10 months long, and in the end I had to realize a memo in a company. Bruno was on the project of a record megastore in Le Havre and I spent 12 weeks on preparing the advertisement for the opening of his future site.

In August 1990 I found the job of Sales Manager in a big radio station RVS, broadcasting all over Normandy with 17 frequencies (the network, I sold my small radio station several years before).

As soon as I arrived I made a contract of partnership with Bruno to promote the opening of his record megastore called ‘L’AUDITO’ with the venue of a famous band on October 6th, 1990 ― TOTO: Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather, David Paich & Jean-Michel Byron.

It was the most incredible, awesome day of our life till today.
We had a lot of concerts, gigs, meetings and interviews but this day is still THE ONE.
In 2001, the megastore had to close; it was the very beginning of the crisis in the music industry.
Bruno went in organizing concerts here and there with a lot of difficulties.

In 1994 RVS was bought by NRJ Group and became Rire & Chansons. I worked there till March 31st 1998.

On April 2nd 1998 I became Sales Manager in another one Radio Network in Normandy till end of June 2002.

From July 2002 till October 2002 I set up a special Radio for a major Sailing Event organized by The Chamber of Commerce of Fécamp “Grand Prix du Port de Fécamp”

I stopped working for radios in 2002. I started with a friend a small company specialized in podcast for tourism in several languages.

I'm now retired since last December 2010, but I begin helping Bruno in making concerts (John Mayall, Lucky Peterson, Larry Carlton, Christopher Cross, John Coghlan's Quo, Tony Joe White to name a few.

A second life for me is beginning. I'm still a recordings hunter to complete my collection.
I don’t think I'll ever stop discovering musicians and listening music till I die because it is my illness.

On September 2011 February I have been approached via FB by a guy owning a webradio who became my friend since that date. He invited me to join him and asked me how I could help him. After listening to his radio for more than 3 months long I gave him my feelings and my thoughts about a development with positive answer to join him. We added more than 5000 songs coming from my own collection to his 2500 songs database. It takes a long time to choose, remaster, enter the songs in the new database.

In April 2013 we began to play 2 POWER PLAY per hour and I became the Community Manager of the FB page. This webradio is named : WEST COAST Golden Radio.

We began with about 1000 followers and we are now counting more than 3700 of them!

I’m also involved in a French blogspot “La Bible de la Westcoast Music” with another friend.

That’s all I can say about me, and I do all this for fun and pleasure.

Jean-Paul RIBES

Patrice Vogt

Music is the healing force of the world, It's understood by every man-woman-boy and girl, And that's why - that's why I say, I love music ― I Love Music, The O'Jays, 1975

My memories, my heart, my soul are a set of music. From school to University, from France to Belgium, From Belgium to the U.K., from sadness to happiness, from friendship to love, from pain to pleasure, from church to night clubs, our lives are rhythm, blues, pop, rock, disco, jazz, folk, country, metal or electro depending on our vibes and experience, harmony and texture, tempo and colour. Life is music all over.

So, when Pat knocked on my door with his TRQL artificial intelligence musical web radio project “Almost Perfect Adult Contemporary Music”, I immediately said “I tune” as I knew the potential of both his non-artificial musical brain and heart.

Now: Play!